LinkedIn ProFinder - Review of an Existing Resume
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LinkedIn ProFinder - Review of an Existing Resume

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This exclusive service is available only to customers visiting from LinkedIn ProFinder. No one else has access to this special offer!

If you need a review of your resume and don't require a rewrite then look no further. Purchasing this product will ensure that your resume is reviewed by someone who has seen thousands of resumes and written hundreds. Here is is what you can expect from this service:

  • Immediate reach out once your order has been placed (to get a copy of your current resume and begin working for a quick turnaround!)
  • A thorough review of your resume to ensure that your best professional self is represented on paper for recruiters and hiring managers
  • Actionable feedback on style and formatting that will help you ensure that you present your best self to companies with jobs that you want
  • As a bonus for ProFinder clients I will review your LinkedIn profile and offer suggestions for improvement!

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