Why Matching Your Resume to the Job Posting Matters

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“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  The same holds true for your resume. Every now and then we’ll get an email at Resume Buffalo asking for more information about the services we provide. Some of the more common questions we receive include: Are you just checking for spelling or grammar? Do you work with people to put metrics in their resumes? Does your team focus on formatting and optics? All of these are important components of a resume. Do we check for accurate spelling and grammar? Absolutely. Do we use our 60-minute consultations to determine...

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Top 4 Reasons Hiring Managers Stop Reading Your Resume

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Disclaimer — at Resume Buffalo we read hundreds of resumes with an objective eye. If you need someone to take a look at your resume, we would encourage you to get in touch for a consult today! Are you submitting your resume to hundreds of job openings and not hearing back? This process can be exhausting and frustrating. You might think your resume is the best in town complete with a solid summary, great work experience and an education section to die for — so why isn’t anyone calling you for an interview? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. — Laozi Resume...

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Job Gaps and How to Address Them

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In today’s job market, we want to present the best version of ourselves, skills and experience to hiring managers. But then there’s life, and the sometimes-inconsistent nature of our work. Time off to raise children, care for a loved-one, or travel in addition to unemployment can lead to unwanted gaps on your resume. Regardless of your situation, don’t allow fear to stifle your confidence. Hiring managers understand that life happens and breaks are needed, but they also expect you to be prepared and develop a strategy to market yourself. How can I address gaps on my resume? Consider any work,...

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Lying on your resume? Think again.

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With a challenging job market, you may be tempted to accentuate the truth on your resume. The line between lying and hyperbolizing can be grey, but know that there are consequences to outright mistruths on your resume. A survey from CareerBuilder of more than 2,500 hiring managers found that 56% have caught job candidates lying on their resumes. What these applicants don’t realize is that companies are becoming increasingly savvy with discerning fact from fiction. Common fibs include: Falsifying positions and companies applicants have never worked for Listing false education credentials Embellishing skills and accomplishments We know that hiring managers...

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Be Heard.

Job searching is exhausting. Finding a company that matches your interests, promotes growth, and has a mission that aligns with your values can seem impossible. When, and if, you do find a company that matches some, not all, of your requirements and you submit your resume, it often feels like you’ve been sent into an abyss. Let’s face it, it can be demoralizing to not hear back from anyone. The competition and dearth of candidates has promulgated electronic resume sifters that disqualify plenty of qualified candidates before they are even given a chance. Common wisdom says you get 60 seconds...

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