Why Matching Your Resume to the Job Posting Matters

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“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” 

The same holds true for your resume. Every now and then we’ll get an email at Resume Buffalo asking for more information about the services we provide. Some of the more common questions we receive include:

  • Are you just checking for spelling or grammar?
  • Do you work with people to put metrics in their resumes?
  • Does your team focus on formatting and optics?

All of these are important components of a resume. Do we check for accurate spelling and grammar? Absolutely. Do we use our 60-minute consultations to determine the best quantifiable results that can be woven into a resume? 100%. Do we focus on creating a well-balanced resume that includes only the most relevant life experience (in one-page!)? Every time. But most often, when we are asked these questions, we slow down and seek to uncover the source of the discussion by asking — What next step are you looking to take in your career?

If you want to create a resume that will stand out, first get to the root of why you’re updating your resume in the first place. Saying you want to switch jobs won’t cut it in today’s market. At Resume Buffalo, our work is infinitely more valuable when job seekers can identify the industry, career, and even specific job that they want to apply for. Why? Because tailoring a resume to fit the job will ensure that you speak the language of your target employer.

When you see a job advertisement that piques your interest, you should look immediately for the key qualifications. Make sure your resume is in alignment with what that role requires. Does the job posting list soft skills like communication and writing? Then make sure you highlight those skills early on. Do you need data analysis skills? Strive to rework your experience to show how you can meet the challenge and have exceeded expectations in the past (with metrics showing ROI).

A careful reading of a job posting combined with the self-awareness to tailor and finely tune your resume will pay huge dividends when you land the interview. Our recommendation is to craft a resume with bullet points that can be quickly re-arranged (with little need to reformat) so that you can generate quickly a new version that matches the job requirements of a specific posting.

What else can you do to set yourself apart?

  1. Ensure your summary statement speaks specifically to the industry and job to which you’re applying
  2. Remove any bullet points that don’t match the requirements of the new role you want to land
  3. Tailor your skill section (don’t lie) to cover the types of technologies and soft skills that are mentioned in a job ad
At Resume Buffalo we care about more than just creating an updated resume void of spelling or grammatical errors — we care about you and your future career. Every day we help countless individuals shape and reframe conversations with employers and hiring managers. If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a consulting session.

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