Top 4 Reasons Hiring Managers Stop Reading Your Resume

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Disclaimer — at Resume Buffalo we read hundreds of resumes with an objective eye. If you need someone to take a look at your resume, we would encourage you to get in touch for a consult today!

Are you submitting your resume to hundreds of job openings and not hearing back? This process can be exhausting and frustrating. You might think your resume is the best in town complete with a solid summary, great work experience and an education section to die for — so why isn’t anyone calling you for an interview?

A journey of a thousand miles
 begins with a single step.
 — Laozi

Resume Buffalo spoke with recruiters and hiring managers at companies large and small to find out why some resumes never make it past an initial screening. Here are the top 4 reasons they all agreed on:

1. Your Resume is More than 1 Page (and you have only worked for 3 years)

The results are always the same: your resume gets a 10–30 second scroll, the recruiter barely has time to get through the first page, and then he or she moves on. If you list every job you’ve had, regardless of relevancy, and include too much information on each role, hiring managers will conclude your lack of focus translates into an inability to make a concise argument for being hired. Ditch the fluff!

2. Not Enough Detail (too much white space + lackluster bullet points)

A well-balanced resume will have structure and clarity so readers can find exactly what they’re looking for. If you have ill-defined bullet points that are void of substantive content and huge margins that leave a lot of white space, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. For the best chance of getting noticed, create bullet points that quantify your experience and show the result of each of your accomplishments.

3. Typos (the worst)

Enough said.

4. Misalignment (you need to tailor your resume for the job)

Do you submit the same resume to every job opening that piques your interest? Recruiters and hiring managers spot this immediately and your lack of effort is hurting your chances for consideration. Read the job posting carefully and make sure your experience is tailored for the role that is being offered. There’s nothing wrong with shooting high, but make sure your experience is commensurate with the job opening — and set reasonable expectations for yourself (e.g., don’t apply for the Senior Executive role that requires 10 years of experience when you only have 2).


Here are 4 reasons you might think your resume is getting rejected — but our experts say otherwise:

  1. You didn’t work for a top company (in most cases, top company pedigree doesn’t = success)
  2. You didn’t go to a top school (in most cases, school name doesn’t = success)
  3. You don’t have the right degree (diversity of knowledge base is a huge benefit to most companies)
  4. You don’t live in my geographic area (city and state mean less and less in our interconnected world)

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