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When was the last time you browsed social media and captured a glimpse of a mouth-watering meal, and although you’re not hungry, you’re left with a fierce craving for that juicy [insert your favorite dish here]?

It is easy to fall into the trap of idolizing that thing we want most to the extent that it suddenly seems out of reach. We think — “If only I had the best home-grown ingredients prepped by top of the line kitchen gadgets — then I could create delicious meals like that too!” And like that, we’ve convinced ourselves that our goal of cooking a hearty, satisfying meal seems beyond our capacity because we don’t have what it takes.

Most often, though, the best meals are the result of simple ingredients, cooked in our not-so-perfect oven, served on our less than ideal dinnerware. Flavor, creativity, and ultimate outcomes are dictated by you, the chef, not your latest edition immersion blender.

What does any of this have to do with resumes? Well, if you’re following closely you can see the line of reasoning. Just like the seemingly unattainable meals you see across the internet, you’ve likely also seen a LinkedIn profile and thought to yourself: “If only I had a 4.0 GPA from the best school with the best references! Then I could get a great job like that too!” Although this might be true in certain circumstances, it does us no good to trap ourselves in a self-fulfilled prophesy of mediocrity when we have the tools to do more.

Over-compensating is not the answer to standing out among the competition. Keep it simple, dig deep, and discover the tools and experience you can claim as your own.

For example, a young woman has a background as a cashier and is encouraged to apply for a customer service role. She thinks “I don’t have the experience to qualify for this position…” However, if this young woman examines her responsibilities in her current position, which include — addressing customer issues, knowing all 5,000 store products, and ensuring the integrity of her role managing money, she’d realize she has far more transferable skills than initially meets the eye.

At Resume Buffalo, our job is to help you see your potential and highlight your skills in a way that will appeal to hiring managers. Overcoming fear of the unknown and helping you step out into something new is what we do best.

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, 
we would literally astound ourselves.”
 — Thomas Edison

We firmly believe that 99.9% of individuals have the right ingredients in their pantry to cook up a resume that can be quickly digested by hiring managers and potential employers. Tune in next week as we show one of our many customer success stories of how a quick email consult led to a brand new resume that immediately attracted the attention of hiring managers and prospective employers!

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