7 Tips to Raise Your LinkedIn Profile Status

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In today’s job market, having a standout LinkedIn profile to market yourself is necessary, especially if you’re on the hunt for a new position.

How do you make the most of your LinkedIn page? Follow the steps below to create an effective profile and noticeable you! 

  1. Use a professional photo - This is not up for debate.  A professional photo is a baseline necessity. Don’t use your wedding photo or a pic snapped at your last house party with your buddies included (or cropped out). Find a friend who can take a head shot or visit a local photo store where you can choose from a variety of non-distracting backdrops. Wear in the photo what you would wear to work and what represents industry norms.
  1. Create a tagline that stands out - Your tagline doesn’t have to be your current work title. Instead choose one that underscores your expertise and skill set. Depending on your industry, you can even be playful in this area – such as “Excel Guru | Social Media Extraordinaire | Yogi”. For a more conservative twist, you might prefer a toned down - “Financial Banking Professional”.
  1. Create a bio - This is your opportunity to expand on your professional experience and accomplishments in 3-4 sentences and lure visitors to read the rest of your profile. Any lengthier, and you’ve lost your audience.
Example: With more than a decade in marketing communications management, Bob Jones possesses an expertise in content development and conceptualization to drive sales outcomes and build brand recognition. Currently, Bob manages the multimedia division of TextileCo with a $20MM budget to execute product launches.
*Note: Bios can be written in either the first or third person – there isn’t a set rule, so you choose!
  1. List 2-3 key responsibilities of each position you have held - Your LinkedIn profile and resume are not one and the same – and here is your chance to prove it. Don’t use bullets in this section, but instead include 1-2 sentences about your role at your current and/or former job. Then add 1-2 sentences about key accomplishments. Your profile should offer a taste of the skills and accomplishments that are underscored in your resume. Your readers should want to reach out to learn more.
Example: As Customer Success Manger for TechGo, I oversee a team of 15 associates who handle call volumes of 25+ per day. My role is to manage quality assurance by developing and implementing policies to address customer queries in an expedient and results-driven manner.
In the past year, I implemented a procedure which reduced call wait time by an average of 10 minutes, and increased customer satisfaction by 20%.
  1. List relevant skills - The Skills and Endorsements section is an often under- and mis-utilized section of the LinkedIn profile page. This is your opportunity to identify skills most relevant to your current role, and to list those that apply to your jobs of interest. Seek endorsements from key connections in your industry and whose judgement you trust.
  1. Seek recommendations - Although it may seem intimidating at first, seeking recommendations on LinkedIn has the potential to be one of your more powerful tools. You can start by offering to write a recommendation for a contact or friend and in return, ask for one from them. The beauty of recommendations, too, is that you can hide from your profile those that were not as complimentary as others.
  1. Connect with the right people and companies - Don’t forget, LinkedIn is a professional networking tool and should be used strategically. If you’re searching for a job – follow companies that are of interest, visit their job page, connect with their in-house recruiters. Join your alumni group page and determine who belonging to that group is in your current or desired industry. Connect with people you know – former colleagues, that person you met at a networking event and whose company is of interest.

LinkedIn is a powerful personal marketing tool – and best of all, it’s free for you to use! If you’re looking to update your LinkedIn profile and want an objective opinion, or you want to create a profile from scratch, sign up for Resume Buffalo’s 60-Minute LinkedIn Coaching Session. Learn how to market the best you on your personal page and get expert tips on how to navigate the site to secure your next job!


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