Pursue your dreams, but first update your resume.

Building a standout resume is the first step to landing an interview for your next big gig. A customized one-on-one resume coaching session can help you get there. If you're in the job market and are looking for a resume refresh, switching industries and need to reposition your experience, or want an updated resume handy should an opportunity arise, Resume Buffalo is here to help! In a matter of days, you can be on your way to an interview for your next job. The process is simple and the results are proven, here's how it works:

Three Services. You Choose.

Crafting the ideal resume is much more than listing bullet points and your education on a piece of paper. It's knowing what to include and where, and how to express your goals in a way that will grab the attention of prospective employers, ultimately landing you an interview. Resume Buffalo will partner with you to produce a resume that will open doors. Choose from one or more of three services based on your needs. Options vary from a comprehensive email consult, to a one-hour personalized review of your resume and rewrite, to weekly webinars which provide an overview of best practices.

What are people saying about Resume Buffalo?

"Resume Buffalo helped me solidify my professional goals after a career change and lessened my worries about some gaps in my resume. After consulting with Resume Buffalo, I felt more confident in my job search, job skills and overall quality of my resume." - Dennis C.

"I loved working with the team at Resume Buffalo! They were professional and encouraging throughout the entire process. After working with them, I feel more confident about my work history and professional accomplishments, and my resume reflects that confidence as well." - Diana W.

"Resume Buffalo took my resume to a new level by making it more visually appealing while loading it with great content. They provided concise yet detailed bullet points that highlighted my work experience. They were able to expertly remove parts of my resume that employers are not interested in while replacing them with valuable experience learned from our consultation. I would strongly recommend Resume Buffalo to anyone looking to create a resume that will help you put your best foot forward!" - Travis T.

"I was surprised at how quickly I began receiving calls and grateful for the outstanding service from Resume Buffalo." - Archfields J.

"The team at Resume Buffalo provided personalized feedback and guidance through the rewriting process of my resume. By working with Resume Buffalo, I gained the tools I needed to feel confident and stand out in the interview process." - Rebecca D.